by Xilinx
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Summary Data

Part Number XC6SLX4-L1CSG225I
Supplier Xilinx
XC6SLX4-L1CSG225I Datasheet XC6SLX4-L1CSG225I Datasheet Locked (datasheet history)
Product Line Programmable Logic >FPGAs
Description Locked
Family Name Locked
XC6SLX4-L1CSG225I Lifecycle Status Locked
XC6SLX4-L1CSG225I RoHS Status Locked

XC6SLX4-L1CSG225I Manufacturing Data

MSL Locked
Maximum Reflow Temperature Locked
Reflow Solder Time Locked
Number of Reflow Cycle Locked
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XC6SLX4-L1CSG225I Environmental Regulation Data

EU RoHS Status Locked
China RoHS Locked
WEEE Data Locked
REACH Locked
Material Declaration Locked

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XC6SLX4-L1CSG225I Lifecycle
XC6SLX4-L1CSG225I Risk Analysis

Advanced Risk Analysis &
Years to End of Life Forecasts

SiliconExpert’s Risk Analysis & Obsolescence Forecast Algorithms help you make the right component selection decisions.


Four factors are used to gauge
electronic component risk:


Market Availability

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