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Electronic Component Datasheets

O 0.032768-JRO32-TF-V-1-T1-LF O0130 O0164 O0376-100G
O0376-100G O051A1HO O051A2HO O052A1HO
O052A1HO O052A2HO O061A1HO O061A2HO
O061A2HO IR2153DLZ O062A2HO O-1
O-1 O-1.000000M-AQO08-50-5.0-A/T O 1.000000 MHz CXO3225T5/050/40/85 O 1.0-JO22-B-3.3-1-T1-LF
O 1.0-JO22-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 1.0-JO32-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 1.0-JO75-B-3.3-1 O 1.8430-VX3MH-LF
O 1.8430-VX3MH-LF O 1.8430-VX3M-LF O 1.8430-VX3X-LF O-1.843200M-AQO7050-50-5.0-E/T/TR
O-1.843200M-AQO7050-50-5.0-E/T/TR O 1.843200-VX3E-LF O 1.84320-VX3E-LF O 1.84320-VX3E-T1-LF
O 1.84320-VX3E-T1-LF O 1.84320-VX3X-T1-LF O-10.000000M-APQO7050-50-3.3-A/T O-10.000000M-APQO7050-50-5.0-C/T
O-10.000000M-APQO7050-50-5.0-C/T O-10.000000M-AQO 08-50-5.0-A/T O-10.000000M-AQO14-50-5.0-A/T O 10.0-JCO14-2-A-LF
O 10.0-JCO14-2-A-LF O 10.0-JCO14-2-B-LF O 10.0-JCO8-3-B-LF O 10.0-JCO8-3-B-T1-LF
O 10.0-JCO8-3-B-T1-LF O 10.0-JO32-B-3.3-1-T1 O 10.0-JO75-B-5.0-2-T1-LF O 10.0-JT53L-B-K-3.3
O 10.0-JT53L-B-K-3.3 O 10.0-VX3E-LF O 10.0-VX3E-T1-LF O 10.0-VX3J
O 10.0-VX3J O 10.0-VX3J-LF O 10.0-VX3J-T1-LF O 10.0-VX3MH-LF
O 10.0-VX3MH-LF O 10.0-VX3MH-T1-LF O 10.0-VX3M-LF O 10.0-VX3X-LF
O 10.0-VX3X-LF O 10.0-VX3Y-T1-LF O 100.000000-JSO21C1LC-B-3.3-T1-S-D O 100.00000-JSO22C1LC-B-1.8-T0-N-D
O 100.00000-JSO22C1LC-B-1.8-T0-N-D O 100.0250-JO53-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 100.0-JO75-B-2.5-1-LF O 100.0-JO75-B-2.5-1-T1-LF
O 100.0-JO75-B-2.5-1-T1-LF O 100.0-JO75-B-3.3-1-LF O 100.0-JO75-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 100.0-JO75-B-3.3-2-LF
O 100.0-JO75-B-3.3-2-LF O 100.0-JO75-B-5.0-1-T1-SE-LF O 100.0-JO75-C-3.3-1 O 100.0-JOD75-B-3.3
O 100.0-JOD75-B-3.3 O 100.0-VX3LQ-T1-LF O 100.0-VX3WQ-T1-LF O-100,000000M-AQO 5032-50-3,3-C-P/TR
O-100,000000M-AQO 5032-50-3,3-C-P/TR O-100,000000M-AQO 5032-50-3,3-C-T/TR O100M000000L434 O 1,0240-JCO8-1-B-T1-LF
O 1,0240-JCO8-1-B-T1-LF O 106.250-VX3L O 11.05920-JCO8-3-B-LF O 11.0592-VX3E-LF
O 11.0592-VX3E-LF O1- 100-020K O 12.000000-JSO32C1LC-B-3.3-T2-T-D O-12.000000M-AQO7050-50-5.0-E/T/TR
O-12.000000M-AQO7050-50-5.0-E/T/TR O 12.0-JCO8-3-B-LF O 12.0-JCO8-3-B-T1-LF O 12.0-JO32-B-3.3-1-LF
O 12.0-JO32-B-3.3-1-LF O 12.0-JO53-A-3.3-2-T1-LF O 12.0-JO75-B-3.3-2-LF O 12.0-JO75-B-3.3-2-T1-LF
O 12.0-JO75-B-3.3-2-T1-LF O 12.0-JPO22-B-3.3-2-T1-TRI-LF O 12.0-VX3E-LF O 12.0-VX3E-T1-LF
O 12.0-VX3E-T1-LF O 12.0-VX3MH-LF O 12.0-VX3MH-T1-LF O 12.0-VX3M-LF
O 12.0-VX3M-LF O 12.0-VX3X-LF O-12.0-VX3Y-LF O 12.0-VX3Y-T1-LF
O 12.0-VX3Y-T1-LF O 12.5-JO75-B-5.0-2 O121A1HO O121A2HO
O121A2HO O122A1HO O122A2HO O 125.0-JO75-B-2.5-1-T1-LF
O 125.0-JO75-B-2.5-1-T1-LF O 125.0-VX3LH-T1-LF O 125.0-VX3WH-T1-LF O128Y064FLPP3N0000
O128Y064FLPP3N0000 O 131.0-JOD75-B-3.3 O 131.0-JOD75-B-3.3-LF O 133.0-VX3LS-LF
O 133.0-VX3LS-LF O1378-500MG O 14.318180-VX3MH-T1-LF O 14.31818-JO32-B-3.3-1-T1-LF
O 14.31818-JO32-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 14.31818-JO53-B-3.3-2-T1-LF O 14.31818-JO75-B-3.3-2-LF O 14.318-JO32-B-3.3-1-T1-LF
O 14.318-JO32-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 14.318-JO75-B-3.3-2-LF O 14.74560-JO22-B-3.3-1-LF O 14.74560-JO75-A-3.3-2-T1-LF
O 14.74560-JO75-A-3.3-2-T1-LF O 14.74560-JO75-B-3.3-2-T1-LF O 14.74560-VX3E-LF O 14.74560-VX3X-LF
O 14.74560-VX3X-LF O 14.7456-JO53-B-3.3-1 O 14.7456-JO53-B-3.3-1-T1 O 14.7456-JO53-B-3.3-2
O 14.7456-JO53-B-3.3-2 O 14.7456-JO53-B-3.3-2-T1 O 14.7456-JO53-B-3.3-2-T1-LF O 14.7456-VX7-B-5.0-1
O 14.7456-VX7-B-5.0-1 O 14,318180-VX3Q-T1-LF O 148.50-JO75-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O14N00001XCBEXX
O14N00001XCBEXX O 15.67980-JCO8-2-B-LF O 15.8609-JCO14-3-B-LF O 15.97440-VX3E-T1-LF
O 15.97440-VX3E-T1-LF O-15490-1 O-15490-1-MR O-15490-2
O-15490-2 O-15490-2-MR O-15490-3 O-15490-3-MR
O-15490-3-MR O-15491-1 O-15491-1-MR O-15491-2
O-15491-2 O-15491-2-MR O 156.250-JO75-B-3.3-1-T1 O-16.000000M-AQO14-50-5.0-A/T
O-16.000000M-AQO14-50-5.0-A/T O-16.000000M-AQO5032-30-5.0-C/T/TR O-16.000000M-AQO7050-50-3.3-E/T/TR O 16.0-JCO14-2-A-LF
O 16.0-JCO14-2-A-LF O 16.0-JCO14-3-B-LF O 16.0-JCO14-3-B-T1-LF O 16.0-JCO8-3-B-LF
O 16.0-JCO8-3-B-LF O 16.0-JCO8-3-B-T1-LF O 16.0-JO22-B-3.3-1-T2 O 16.0-JO32-B-3.3-1-LF
O 16.0-JO32-B-3.3-1-LF O 16.0-JO32-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 16.0-JO32-G-3.3-1-T1-LF O 16.0-JO53-B-5.0-2-T1-LF
O 16.0-JO53-B-5.0-2-T1-LF O 16.0-JO75-B-3.3-1-T1 O 16.0-JO75-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 16.0-JO75-B-3.3-2
O 16.0-JO75-B-3.3-2 O-16.0-JO75-B-5.0-2-LF O 16.0-JO75-B-5.0-2-T1-LF O 16.0-JV75-C-3.3-10-B-T1-LF
O 16.0-JV75-C-3.3-10-B-T1-LF O 16.0-VX3E-LF O 16.0-VX3E-T1-LF O 16.0-VX3MH-LF
O 16.0-VX3MH-LF O 16.0-VX3MH-T1-LF O 16.0-VX3M-LF O 16.0-VX3X-LF
O 16.0-VX3X-LF O 16.0-VX3X-T1 O 16.0-VX3X-T1-LF O 16.0-VX3Y-T1-LF
O 16.0-VX3Y-T1-LF O 16.66-JO32-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O16M000000L021 O 18.4320-JT22C-A-K-3.3-LF
O 18.4320-JT22C-A-K-3.3-LF O 18.4320-VX3E-LF O 18.4320-VX3E-T1-LF O 18.4320-VX3MH-LF
O 18.4320-VX3MH-LF O 18.4320-VX3X-LF O 18.4320-VX3X-T1-LF O-1822T8
O-1822T8 O-1822T8A O-1862T6A O-1977L15
O-1977L15 O-1977L31 O-1977L49 O-1978L10
O-1978L10 O-1978L3 O-1978L9 O1M000000L632
O1M000000L632 O1 RI 10.8 x 5 x 5.5 O1 RI 10 x 3.7 x 5 O1 RI 2.8 x 1.2 x 1.7
O1 RI 2.8 x 1.2 x 1.7 O1 RI 3.43 x 1.52 x 1.78 O1 RI 4.4 x 1.2 x 2.8 O1 RI 4 x 1.5 x 2
O1 RI 4 x 1.5 x 2 O1 RI 6 x 2.8 x 3 O1 RI 6 x 2 x 3 O1 RI 6 x 3 x 3
O1 RI 6 x 3 x 3 O1 RI 8 x 3 x 4 O1 RI 9.5 x 4.8 x 4.8 O1 RI 9 x 4 x 5
O1 RI 9 x 4 x 5 O1V-STS O-2 O-20.000000M-APQO7050-50-5.0-A/T
O-20.000000M-APQO7050-50-5.0-A/T O-20.000000M-AQO14-50-5.0-A/T O 20.0-JCO8-3-B-LF O 20.0-JO22-B-1.8-1-T1-LF
O 20.0-JO22-B-1.8-1-T1-LF O 20.0-JO32-B-3.3-1-LF O 20.0-JO32-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 20.0-JO32-B-3.3-2-LF
O 20.0-JO32-B-3.3-2-LF O 20.0-JO32-G-1.8-1-T1-LF O 20.0-JO32-G-3.3-1-T1-LF O 20.0-JO75-B-3.3-1-T1-LF
O 20.0-JO75-B-3.3-1-T1-LF O 20.0-JO75-B-3.3-2 O 20.0-JO75H-D-5.0-1 O 20.0-JT32-B-K-3.3-LF
O 20.0-JT32-B-K-3.3-LF O 20.0-JT75-D-B-3.3-LF O-20.0-VX3E-LF O 20.0-VX3E-T1-LF
O 20.0-VX3E-T1-LF O 20.0-VX3J-LF O 20.0-VX3J-T1-LF O 20.0-VX3K-LF
O 20.0-VX3K-LF O 20.0-VX3MH O 20.0-VX3MH-LF O 20.0-VX3MH-T1-LF
O 20.0-VX3MH-T1-LF O 20.0-VX3M-LF O 20.0-VX3X-LF O 20.0-VX3X-T1-LF
O 20.0-VX3X-T1-LF O 20.0-VX7-B-3.3-1 O 20.828571-JO75-D-3.3-1-LF O-200.000000M-AQO7050-50-3.3-E/T/TR
O-200.000000M-AQO7050-50-3.3-E/T/TR O2009-BA24-AGY-X O 20,0-JO32-B-3,3-1-T1-LF O2011-1X01G00SB
O2011-1X01G00SB O 2025 1000 O 2025 1000-Q4 O 2025 1000-SF
O 2025 1000-SF O 2025 1100 O 2025 1100-Q4 O 2025 1100-SF
O 2025 1100-SF O 2025 1200 O 2025 1200-Q4 O 2025 1200-SF
O 2025 1200-SF O 2025 200 O 2025 200-Q4 O 2025 200-SF
O 2025 200-SF O 2025 300 O 2025 300-Q4 O 2025 300-SF
O 2025 300-SF O 2025 400 O 2025 400-Q4
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