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Distributors: Submit Inventory Feeds

SiliconExpert’s parts database empowers websites such as,, and is utilized by thousands of buyers and electronic engineers daily. Submit your inventory, pricing and lead time data for inclusion in our database. We do not charge for inventory listings. Use the form to the right to start giving us your inventory data on a daily basis.

After submitting the form, you will receive an email with login information to a FTP server. Upload your inventory data in a tab delimited format to this folder on a daily basis. Our automated processes will then take your data and have it included in our database.

We do not require you to send the inventory data in a specific column order. But at minimum it must include the following columns:

1) Part number
2) Manufacturer name
3) Inventory quantity

In addition to the above, our users prefer to view:

4) Pricing with price breaks
5) Lead times
6) Package type

Below is an example feed you may use as a starting point.

   Example Feed for Distributors

 Step 1: Fill out form > Step 2: Receive FTP login info > Step 3: Send inventory feeds

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